Alexa Largoza-Ania – Traits Of A Good Customer Service Representative


As the owner of her own retail business that she is currently aiming to expand, Alexa Largoza-Ania needs to have a good understanding of customer service in order to ensure that customers get what they are expecting from the company. This has led her to define a number of key traits that she believes all customer service representatives must possess.

A Positive Attitude

If you approach a customer with a positive attitude, it is much more likely that they will be willing to engage with you and trust you with whatever issues that they may have. You should never see their issues as problems that are an inconvenience for you. Instead, actively work with them to come up with solutions while also maintaining a smile on your face.


There will be a number of times during your time in customer service that you will encounter customers who are frustrated with the product or service, for whatever reasons. In these cases, you will need to be able to exercise patience and not fall into the trap of responding to the customer’s emotional statements with emotion of your own.

Commitment To The Cause

Alexa Largoza-Ania has found that people who are not committed to their cause, regardless of what that is, will generally be unenthusiastic when asked to do anything relating to it. This is especially true of customer service work, as unmotivated representatives will often fail to take the issues that customers raise seriously. This only serves to further frustrate customers and reflects badly on the company as a whole.


About Alexa Largoza

Alexa Largoza - Ania is known for her incredible unique style when it comes to fashion. For those who knew her from onset, they have always stated that Alexa was a natural when it came to dressing.

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