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Alexa Largoza-Ania – The Secrets For Winning Beauty Pageants


Alexa Largoza-Ania regularly participated in Beauty pageants when she was younger, often winning the first place prize. She notes that there is a lot more to these competitions than simply showing up and looking good, so she has shared a number of the secrets that she learned during her time on the circuit.

A Great Personality

Pageant judges are looking for people who are positive, happy and genuine when determining who should win the competition. You should do whatever you can to make sure that your natural personality shines through, at every stage of the event. Make sure that you highlight what makes you who you are from the moment that you reach the front desk and check in.

Walk The Walk

Coordination and the ability to look like you belong on stage play a large part in the judging of a pageant, so it is crucial that you practice your walk and work on how you present yourself when all eyes are on you. Taking dance lessons can help you build up your coordination and offer an elegance to your gait, though there are also many pageant trainers who can help you with your overall presentation and body language.

Choose The Right Skill

Most pageants will include a section where they ask the participants to demonstrate a skill. For Alexa Largoza-Ania, this was usually ballet and she often wowed the judges with her ability, which was developed through years of practice and quality tutelage. It is crucial that you identify a skill that makes you stand out and, most importantly, that you can actually demonstrate a high level of proficiency when called upon.


Alexa Largoza-Ania – Decorating Tips That Will Improve Any Room


Alexa Largoza-Ania loves to decorate and she considers herself to have a real knack when it comes to bringing all of the elements of a room together in order to create a cohesive and gorgeous whole. She is often asked by her friends to help them with their decorating issues and considers all of the following to be useful pointers for people aiming to improve the look of a room.

Give Furniture Breathing Room

If you have packed all of your furniture into the room as tightly as possible, you simply end up making the room feel crowded. Consider losing a piece of furniture or two if you are finding it difficult to get around the room and don’t assume that you need to fill up every bit of space just because you have it.

Don’t Stick To Themes

It can be all too easy to decide on a theme for a room instead of going with the flow and working to the room’s strengths. Themes limit what you will be able to do with the room, stifling your creativity in the process. They also have a tendency to lack any sort of individual flair, which will make visitors think you have very bland tastes when it comes to your style choices.

Create Focal Points

All rooms should have a focal point that draws attention from the moment you set foot in it. Whether it’s a fireplace or a bed, Alexa Largoza-Ania recommends considering what you can emphasize in the room and bringing it front and center, basing the rest of your design ideas around it.

Alexa Largoza-Ania – Cake Making For Beginners


Alexa Largoza-Ania loves to bake and considers herself to be something of a gourmet cake maker when the mood strikes her. She often creates her very own recipes from scratch, but she also remembers the struggles that she had when she was first learning how to bake. If you follow these pointers, you will soon find yourself making treats that will astound your friends.

Follow Recipes Exactly

Beginners should never try to bake cakes from scratch, as they won’t yet understand the fundamentals of making a good cake. Instead, you should always aim to follow a recipe when you are first starting out. It is important to note that the ingredients on the recipe need to be measured exactly as described, else you will often find that the end product doesn’t match up to expectations.

The Tools Of The Trade

There are all sorts of kitchen utensils and paraphernalia that you are going to need when you are baking cakes. Make sure that you understand why baking paper and the right pans are important to the process and make it a point to gather everything that you need before you start your journey into the joys of cake making.

Keep Trying

If you have managed to bake a cake at the first time of asking, you are already well on your way to working on more complex projects. However, Alexa Largoza-Ania notes that those who are struggling need to remember that practice is as important in the baking world as it is for any other skill. Keep trying and learn from your mistakes and you will soon find yourself baking better cakes.

Alexa Largoza-Ania – Traits Of A Good Customer Service Representative


As the owner of her own retail business that she is currently aiming to expand, Alexa Largoza-Ania needs to have a good understanding of customer service in order to ensure that customers get what they are expecting from the company. This has led her to define a number of key traits that she believes all customer service representatives must possess.

A Positive Attitude

If you approach a customer with a positive attitude, it is much more likely that they will be willing to engage with you and trust you with whatever issues that they may have. You should never see their issues as problems that are an inconvenience for you. Instead, actively work with them to come up with solutions while also maintaining a smile on your face.


There will be a number of times during your time in customer service that you will encounter customers who are frustrated with the product or service, for whatever reasons. In these cases, you will need to be able to exercise patience and not fall into the trap of responding to the customer’s emotional statements with emotion of your own.

Commitment To The Cause

Alexa Largoza-Ania has found that people who are not committed to their cause, regardless of what that is, will generally be unenthusiastic when asked to do anything relating to it. This is especially true of customer service work, as unmotivated representatives will often fail to take the issues that customers raise seriously. This only serves to further frustrate customers and reflects badly on the company as a whole.