Alexa Largoza – Ania – Decorating Your Table Spread for Christmas


Alexa Largoza – Ania enjoys creating elegant holiday table spreads. She enjoys using natural elements and combining them with her own creativity.

If you want to create something amazing for the holidays, consider some of these tips.

Use What You Have

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your table look great for the holidays. Gather twine, pine cones, branches of evergreen, etc. and arrange them to use as a centerpiece. You may even string together holly leaves and berries to use as napkin rings.

Be creative when using the natural elements you have gathered. It will surely be an ice-breaker and a conversation piece, but above all, it will show your guest the care and time you invested to make that occasion most special.

Less Is Sometimes More

You don’t have to make your table spread large and elaborate to make it beautiful. Remember, less is more. When a table is not cluttered, it gives you more room to display amazing dishes, and gives your guest the comfort of elbow room.

Color Counts

When it comes to making a table spread, color has an important role. People notice colors before actual decorations. Add a punch of color. It will give a welcome festive flare to any occasion.

Alexa Largoza – Ania enjoys making holiday table spreads for all occasions. Whether you are having an intimate dinner party, or a soiree, make sure you pay special attention to detail and function. The perfect setting adds an amazing festive touch to any gathering.


About Alexa Largoza

Alexa Largoza - Ania is known for her incredible unique style when it comes to fashion. For those who knew her from onset, they have always stated that Alexa was a natural when it came to dressing.

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