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If you have a philanthropic heart and you enjoyed donating your time, money and your heart to the service of others in need then you should look no further than Global Goods Partners. There will always be the enormous demands on your resources for everyday necessities and meaningful causes alike. By supporting the work of Global Goods Partners, you can confidently know that all funds are fully optimized and directed towards advancing sustainable incomes for women and artisans while creating positive change for their families and their communities.

If you want to help women who struggle to live a fulfilling life then consider advocacy to build a brighter future. Buying fair trade products can make a huge difference in an economy and the lifestyle of women in need. You can start in your neighborhood by promoting fair trade products among your local retailers. By visiting local community stores such as coffee houses, Boutiques and small shops you open the door to the discussion of the benefits and growing demand for fair trade products. Other ways to participate as by writing the letter to the editor of your local paper. Newspaper can have an incredibly effective influence on the local community, especially when it comes to fair trade. If you have a flair for the political arena, you can start by contacting your local elected representatives of your state and county offices. Choosing to be an advocate means you are the voice of fair trade.

Alexa Largoza – Ania is an advocate for fair trade products because she believes they can make a huge difference in the global economy and benefit the lifestyle of people in need. She, along with Lilian Vianna- Benarroach applies the Fair Trade principles when sourcing and purchasing for their company, Hamptons Box.


About Alexa Largoza

Alexa Largoza - Ania is known for her incredible unique style when it comes to fashion. For those who knew her from onset, they have always stated that Alexa was a natural when it came to dressing.

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